The Girl Next Door Seemed Familiar to Me

Hey! Did I just compare success with a flower? Anyway! That’s the way life goes.
Not taking much time, I would like you to know that I am a photographer by profession expressing his keen interest all those sights and sounds that seem pleasing to my eyes ( I don’t even mind capturing some sights which may seem objectionable to others). I have always been showing an immense passion in doing something that would make me look way beyond unique and stand apart in the crowd. When I gather all the pictures I have taken on any particular day, I put them in a paper bag just to not let them go away from my sight. Every single picture holds a great importance in my life and I really admire them for they have brought out the best in me.

One fine day I was relishing a cup of tea in my lawn, a soothing voice (of a female of course) took my name. I was stunned to know who’s the one with such an enchantingly musical, multi-varied and digital voice. The moment I stood up, the tea spilled on my t-shirt though I was done with half of it (Thank God! I was able to enjoy at least some of it).There was this stunning girl whose baby-face literally blew me away. I was like “Do I know you?” I paused for a moment (She definitely seemed familiar or me, or was I hallucinating?) She posed a question to me “Are you alright?, I heard some loud noises coming from your house”. I was so irate with my spouse’s behavior that she made me retaliate no matter how hard I tried to keep mum, but in the end, I had to vent out my anger to her and I just blasted.

I did not utter a word to her, instead I thought “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. I really was not in a mood to initiate a conversation with her, and she said out of nowhere, though it’s not my business to cause an intrusion in your privacy, but you can surely share some with me over a cup of coffee in my apartment. I was like “Why would you invite me?” We have just met and we seem to be nothing but perfect strangers fort each other. I never expected her to be so blunt on my face in the first meeting. She told me that she had already parted ways with her spouse a few years ago, so she tried lending me a helping hand. Wow! The woman of substance not only seemed familiar to me, but had something in common that I was facing for the past few weeks. I had some great coffee with her. And the very next day, we made a plan to go shopping. She held a few paper bags in her hand.

 I must say that she was a hardcore shopping buff who always looked for excuses to go on a shopping spree. But the worst part was yet to come. I could not open my garage door to get my vehicle out. I kept her waiting under the sun and she gladly waited for me without any break as if I was her loving husband. I thought if she were my wife, life would have been a bed of roses considering the fact that it had become thorny for me living all those years with the present one. I was so embarrassed to have made her wait under the scorching sun that she asked me to hold her paper bags and tried hard to make the garage door work. And my goodness! It did open. I expressed my gratitude to her to help me when I needed someone the most. Then we drove all the way to the shopping mall. She was overloaded with a lot of stuff when I dropped her back my pretty neighbour safe and sound.